"I had been given a death sentence in Western medicine... Nothing was working... This brought me back to live and enjoy life"
Sharon Rudd, Medical Research Scientist, Pascoe Vale, VIC


"My health has improved...There were certain things in my life that had created a pattern of not quite knowing where I was going, not quite knowing what I wanted to do and then Taidao came along and gave me a renewed interest in both my work and my life. It's also given me more energy in relation to the hobbies and sports that I play...Taidao to me is the essence of life..."
Carolyn Habel, Naturopath, Toowoomba, QLD


"Never have I felt so much energy and positiveness. I did have RSI injury. I was thinking that's it, that's the end of my working career. I'm going to be a cripple. Oh God, I'm too young for that. ... (But) what actually happened blew me away..."
Janet Walton, Mansfield, VIC


"Most of the benefits are probably mental. I'm calmer and more relaxed. (I'm) more confident and it just makes life easier. You can't put a price on it."
David Wyputa, Gym Fitness Instructor, Surrey Hills, VIC


"I've now cured of tonsillitis. It's made me so much calmer to take on daily activities. It's just changed me...for the better. If I'm not having a good day it will be OK, time to do some Taidao. Sit down and it really works. It just alters your mood, so little problems don't seem to bother me.

I haven't been sick at all since I started doing Taidao. I haven't had any symptoms of cold or flu or anything like that....Definitely an energy boost. It's a whole life change. My family also noticed the difference in me. Master Feng is fantastic. I've attended all of his courses. He's a great teacher. It is a safe environment. He is a very wise man. I highly recommend it."
Filiz Mehmet, Administrator, St Albans, VIC


"...because (work) is so demanding, when I got home very tired I didn't have much energy to do anything else in life. Since practicing some of the Taidao exercises and techniques at work I actually go home feeling a lot more full of energy and revitalised, its great. I can do a lot more at home and I feel there is some sort sense of balance in my life now from work, and also my life style outside of work. My mind is clearer, more alert. (Master Feng) is very down to earth, easy to approach."
Elvis Saint Pierre, Blossom Park, VIC


"I'm 55, but feel that I'm 30 to 35. It has helped all my physical injuries from sport, tennis and cricket to the point where for the past 2 and half years I haven't seen a physio and I'd go 12 times a year. My energy levels are the best they've been for the last 25 odd years... My physical flexibility has been better than it has been for 25 years. My two sons find it interesting and are starting to get a bit curious about how come Dad's got so much energy and so much awareness. One of the best investments in time, energy and resources I've ever made. Anybody with a health or physical problem, in particular I'd recommend them to see Master Feng."
Walter Grassham, Artist, Altona, VIC


"I feel younger as a person. I certainly have more energy because I actually sleep very little when I go to bed at night and I have all the energy I need to handle everything.

It definitely helps with relationships, takes you less time to achieve your goals, (and) gives you the confidence to live your life in full. It builds you up from the inside out"
Zoe Joseph, Pakenham, VIC


"Taidao has given me an ability to deal with my stress. I am a Mum and I work full time ...there never seems to be enough time...

It helps you to think more clearly, give you more control with your life and bring yourself back into balance. Taidao to me is about keeping your life, your body and your mind in harmony and in balance.

My husband is very happy that I have been doing Taidao. Taidao has given me more harmony within myself and the family situation... (and) I am on a more even keel and deal with things more easily. (It) is extremely safe. It helps me to step back from the stresses in my work and the stresses in everyday life."
Deborah Kydd, Project Manager, Williamstown, VIC


"I was sceptical. (But soon) I noticed that my energy levels were enhanced. I suffered from back problems I am virtually free of pain. My mind is more focussed. I am so excited about Taidao because (it) works."
Jolanta Orlowski, Altona North, VIC


"My high blood pressure has dropped from 195/100 to 140/85." " I had a blood test 2 months ago, my cholesterol, my haemoglobin and blood pressure, everything was just fine. I found (Master Feng) as a very sincere, caring and beautiful person. He has helped me enormously and I continually thank him."
Laurie Trewin, Radio Presenter, 96.5 Inner FM, Melbourne


"I have found (it) has been of tremendous value in just being able to play sport again. ...I have tremendous respect for him and the work that he has done to bring this out and give to people. Taidao gives me a boost, motivation and increased energy. (It also gives you) greater mind flexibility and increases the sharpness of your mind, general wellbeing and good health."
Norman Joseph, Pakenham, VIC


"I am a business man. I've gone through incredible changes in business...I really feel, physically, very energised. I can now get up with a lot of zest and energy. My day is busy. I put in a gruelling 10 to 12 hours a day. I can still come home and smile and laugh. Taidao is exceptionally simple. Be open, take it up. ...I found this to be really the most effective and fruitful technique I've come across."
Richard Sernia, Director, I-Rez Creative Digital Solutions, Reservoir

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