What Is Tai Dow®   ?

 Tai Dow®  is based on Nobel Prize winning research in medicine* and the secret of the longest living, most enlightened Chinese Masters in history. It’s a powerful mind, body improvement program utilizing a unique breathing technique together with healing sound vibrations.  

It’s a simple technique that can be easily learned by anyone, and can be practised 20 minutes twice daily, lying or sitting comfortably with your eyes closed, or even while walking.

“In all serious disease states we find…low oxygen states” said Dr. Stephen Levine  

Tai Dow®    naturally increases your oxygen consumption and circulation. Tumours live in the body almost anaerobically (i.e. oxygen deficient). The treatment is to keep the speed of the blood stream so high that the venous blood still contains sufficient oxygen, according to Nobel Laureate Dr Otto Warburg. 

Tai Dow®
helps increase a natural bacterial killer in your body called Nitric Oxide. It dilates blood vessels, kills bacteria, and protects your brain, heart and immune system from invaders. It also acts as a weapon against infections, as a regulator of blood pressure; prevents the formation of blood clotting and improves sex life.

Tai Dow®    stimulates the ‘Pleasure Centre’ of your brain, causing a current of ‘Feel good’ energy to flow from head to toe.

It  replaces stress and tiredness with peace and energy. It automatically tracks down and deletes deep-seated emotional blocks.   


Tai Dow® is based on Cutting-Edge science,
And will positively change your life...in ways that will absolutely amaze you.

Most of ALL ancient healing techniques contain three elements: physical movement/exercise, mind-calming techniques and breathing techniques.


After more than 25 years of investigation and experimentation, within each of these three elements, we believe Tai Dow® offers you the best, because:     


Tai Dow® Walk  

The goal of all ancient physical movement and exercise was to increasecirculation, and the centre of our circulation is the HEART.


Our heart is the centre of life.  A foetus’s heart beats up to 180 beats per minute in order to prepare it for life.    Our heart beat and circulation progressively becomes weaker as we age.  As blood flow becomes weaker its ability to deliver oxygen and nutrients around the body becomes less efficient  and consequently our chances of getting ill increase. 

Understand a healthy heart

(WebMD, 2005-2010)


Your heart relates to all aspects of health. Traditionally just by feeling your pulse an accomplished Chinese Medicine practitioner would know what health problems you had.  This is because within Chinese medicine it is known that if any pulse area is out of rhythm with your heart beat, then that area is ill. 


In 1968 a remarkable scientific study that compared the health benefits of all types of popular exercise was conducted by Dr. Kenneth Cooper,   M.D., a Major in the U.S. Air force Medical Corps.  Walking and Running rated amongst the top three forms of exercise that produced the most health benefits (Cooper, Aerobics, 1968):


  • Increases the efficiency of the lungs.  A well conditioned person may process nearly twice as much air per minute as someone who is not in good condition, providing the body with more oxygen for the energy-producing process.


  • The heart grows stronger and pumps more blood with each movement


  • Increases the number and size of the blood vessels that carry the blood to the body’s tissues, saturating them with energy-producing oxygen.


  • Increases the total blood volume, again providing more means for delivering more oxygen to the body tissue.
  • Improves the tone of the muscles and blood vessels, changing them from weak and flabby tissue to strong and firm tissue, often reducing blood pressure in the process


  • Changes fat weight to lean weight, often toughening up the body without actual weight loss.


  • Increases maximal oxygen consumption by increasing the efficiency of the means of the supply and delivery.


The life changing benefits of these results have been consistently reported to us by enthusiasts of the Tai Dow®  walk . The Tai Dow® Walk is our unique application of this amazing study.


What makes the Tai Dow® Walk different and even more powerful, is that it is based on a scientifically proven breathing technique. (Dillon WC, 1996) related to Nobel Prize winning research* , and is specifically designed to  stimulate theproduction of an amazing beneficial gas in the body called Nitric Oxide! Nitric Oxide dilates blood vessels, kills bacteria, protects your brain, heart and immune system from invaders; increases your circulation and regulates your blood pressure (The Nobel Assembly, 1998).   and “Most Nitric Oxide in normal human breath derives locally from the nose where it can reach high levels during breath-holding”  (Dillon WC, 1996).

The high level of circulation and oxygen saturation that can be achieved through the Tai Dow® Walk are associated with reduced chances of developing commonmodern illnesses, high-performance in brain and body functioning; increased mental powers and creativity; increased learning ability and problem solving abilities etc.

More oxygen and nutrient-rich blood circulating to your skin cells means a glowing complexion; better circulation in your brain makes you more clear headed, efficient, positive and happy. You can achieve more and get more things done successfully. More oxygen burns fat.  This means more energy and a leaner, fitter and more attractive body.


We truly believe you will find Tai Dow® to be the end of your search for something that really works for you.


Dramatically Reduce Symptoms of Cancer… 

According to Dr. Otto Warburg, Nobel Laureate:  Cancer has only one prime cause, it is the replacement of normal oxygen respiration of the body’s cells by an anaerobic (i.e., oxygen deficient) cell respiration.” (Warburg, 1966).To prevent cancer it is therefore proposed (Warburg, 1966):


·         Keep the speed of the blood stream so high that the venous blood still contains sufficient oxygen;


·         Keep high concentration of haemoglobin (a red coloured iron protein within red cells and stores oxygen) in the blood”[i].


The Tai Dow® Walk will keep the speed of your blood stream high and flood your body with enormous amounts of beneficial oxygen causing you to have less fatigue and more energy.  

Even more impressive are the dramatic, positive changes in mental, physical and emotional health created by daily practise of the Tai Dow® Walk.  Regular Tai Dow® practice will stimulate a whole range of remarkable abilities that you didn't know you had!

Success Stories


I'm 55, but feel that I'm 30 to 35.  My energy levels are the best they've been for the last 25 odd years.”  Walter Grassham, Artist


“I noticed that my knee pain had gone and the swelling had almost disappeared.” Peter Parczyk, Body Builder   


“I have been sleeping better than any time in the past 15 years” Mat Black    



The Tai Dow®   Breath and longevity


There are thousands of breathing techniques but the only one worth practicing is the one that produces the most outstanding results, namely Tai Dow® .    The Tai Dow® breath is based on a proven method that has contributed in part to the longevity of the Earth’s longest living animal – the tortoise.  The tortoise can live for more than 300 years aided by its simple breathing pattern.  Indeed, some of the longest living Masters in history have been reliably recorded as living well over 120 years while still retaining the appearance and vigour of a 30 year old. 


The Tai Dow®  Breath helps to: 

  • Increase regional cerebral blood flow – when your in-breath is paused for a short time, your body’s survival mechanism kicks in to supply blood to the most vital organs such as brain and heart.  “Repeated challenges of breath-holding induced an overall rise in rCBF (Regional Cerebral Blood Flow). … We found that quantitative analysis yielded an rCBF increase of 47% to 87% after breath-hold (Andreas Kastrup, 1999).This means being more efficient, more productive, and a smarter brain through an efficient oxygen and nutrient supply.  


  • Increase red blood cells to transport more oxygen - Rosy cheeks, better complexion and increased body survival mechanisms by simulating high altitude situations for your body.   People living at high altitudes, such as in the Tibetan Plateau or the Andes Mountains, have developed unique ways to cope with the reduced amount of oxygen available at higher altitudes.  Natives of the Andes Mountains in South America have a higher concentration of haemoglobin in their blood, allowing more oxygen to be carried by the same volume of blood.  However, there are other means of coping with high altitudes.  For instance, the people living in the Tibetan Plateau have doubled their nitric oxide levels.  Nitric oxide is a blood vessel dilator, which is thought to boost the uptake of oxygen (McDowall, 2005).  


Similarly, Kenyan marathon runners train at high altitudes (less oxygen), so red blood cells in their bodies become conditioned to carry more oxygen.  This means that when they compete at lower altitudes eg Boston (more oxygen), their bodies perform extremely well.



The Tai Dow®    breath is intriguing and very exciting.  The experience is effortless and incredibly pleasant.  Indeed, hours can tend to speed by in what seems like minutes, followed by amazing new insights and personal breakthroughs. 


“My doctor told me to go home and write a will, but with Tai Dow®, I’m feeling 100%. After 12 years of being bedridden and in and out of hospital, having some energy again made me feel alive again after so long! I am now feeling zero pain, zero sickness. My life is very happy.” Mark Miller, High School English Teacher.



Instant calm and Tai Dow®


Tai Dow® sound technology takes your mind instantly to a super calm state, with a simple non-audible vibration that is self generated by the practitioner and does not use external sound tracks or mantras.  


It acts like an invisible healing device or anti virus software automatically scanning your body, tracking down where the problems are and deleting them from your system.


Our brain cells constantly generate electrical impulses called brain wave patterns that relate to the state of our mind, our thoughts and our emotions. This affects our health, wellbeing and quality of our life.


As we become more anxious, our brain wave activity becomes more rapid but our brain wave pattern activity slows into smoother wave patterns when we are more relaxed and calm. 


 Brain Wave patterns from Rapid to Smooth Patterns(Wikipedia, 2010):

Gamma (30-100HZ) - High level of mental activity, problem solving


Beta   (12-30HZ) Active, busy or anxious thinking and concentration 

Alpha (8-12 HZ) Drowsiness, Pre Sleep, relaxation


Theta   (4-7 HZ)  Deep meditation, REM (rapid eye movement) Sleep, dreaming state 


Delta (0.1-4HZ) Deep Dreamless Sleep, loss of body awareness 


The chart above indicates how Tai Dow® takes your mind from a troubled state (Otropy) to a super-deep meditation, allowing you to connect with your own invisible intelligence that gives you life and heals troublesome areas in your mind and body.


During slower brain patterns, your brain releases a lot of very beneficial substances including youth hormones DHEA, Melatonin and human growth hormone, which the body produces less as we get older.  


  • Increased youth hormone DHEA… DHEA has been hailed as the magic hormone for anti – aging.  Our levels of DHEA reach maximum levels during the late teens and early twenties. It decreases as we age. By mid 50’s we produce less than 25% of the previous peak levels. A deficiency of DHEA has been found to correlate with the greater risk of certain cancers, immune dysfunction, inflammation and osteoporosis and heart disease.“Meditators secrete more of the youth-related hormone DHEA as they age than non meditators.” (Khalsa, 2001)


  • Reduced Age Accelerating Hormone Reduction – Cortisol…Excess stress causes the body to release excessive amount of the aging hormone – Cortisol. It prevents other substances eg. Human Growth Hormone, testosterone and estrogen from functioning properly. These hormones keep you healthy and feeling young.


The negative effects of excess cortisol are: Osteoporosis, reduced muscle mass, the increase of abdominal fat, impaired immunity, impaired memory and learning, reduced glucose utilization, reduced Growth Hormone, Testosterone, DHEA output.  Tai Dow®  is designed to decrease stress that causes Cortisol. This means you can enjoy all these wonderful benefits as a result of decreased stress. 


  • Increased Melatonin levels… Melatonin is the hormone that helps you to wake up and go to sleep. It reaches peak levels during puberty and falls as we age. It also helps to enhance your mood. “Advanced meditators have higher melatonin levels than non-meditators (Solberg EE, 2004). 


Tai Dow®  will make a difference to your life in ways that will absolutely astound you.


The Nervous System

As you practice Tai Dow®    you will experience your entire nervous system being reenergized as healing energy gently flows to all internal organs throughout yourbody, and a super-deep feeling of relaxation and meditation.  You will see remarkable improvements in your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. 

Tai Dow®    stimulates the ‘Pleasure Centre’ of your brain, causing a current of ‘Feel good’ energy to flow from head to toe. It will replace stress and tiredness with peace and energy. It automatically tracks down and deletes deep-seated energy blocks.

The brain is a member of the nervous system family. The nervous system controls all your conscious and automatic actions and sensations in all parts of your body like your thoughts, feelings, memories, heartbeat, blood pressure, body temperature, breathing rate and senses.

There are two parts of the nervous system - central and peripheral. The central nervous system is composed of the brain and the spinal cord. The branching web of nerves to all the different parts of your body is the peripheral system. The nervous system is controlled by the brain and is connected to the spinal cord and the huge network of nerves that run from the spinal cord to all the different parts of the body.  Your nerves are like electrical wires which pick up signals. Signals or messages flow from these nerves to the spinal cord, then to the brain and back again. These signals are called nerve impulses. The brain is the control center(Oracle ThinkQuest, 2008)

The Human Brain

It makes up only 2% of your body size but uses up 20% of the energy your body produces.   Arteries which run to all parts of your brain carry the blood that delivers the food and oxygen to your brain. There are three main parts of the brain: Cerebrum, Cerebellum and Brain Stem

Your spinal cord is a long tube that begins from the bottom of the brain and snakes down to your lower back.   There are nerves called the spinal nerves that come out of the spinal cord. It looks like a tree branch with twigs branching from the sides. These nerves carry electrical signals or messages up and down the spinal cord to your brain where the messages are sorted out. The spinal cord connects the brain to the rest of the body. Just like the brain, the spinal cord is also wrapped by the meninges for protection. It is inside a tunnel of bones stacked up on each other called the vertebrae or backbones (Oracle ThinkQuest, 2008)

Tai Dow®   will bring tremendous positive mental and emotional changes to your life. It will change your life forever.  


“My blood oxygen saturation was up to 99%, something that I had never been able to achieve before.”   Peter L Esdaile, Doctor of Chiropractic


 “I have studied many life disciplines, including Transcendenta l Meditation, and none have been so easily incorporated into my daily routine.”  Roger Deaner, NLP Master Trainer


"It gave me a renewed interest in both my work and my life..."  Carolyn Habel, Naturopath 


“Master Feng is an exceptionally knowledgeable and articulate teacher”  Lady Carla Davis, International Ambassador for the Wildlife Protection Association of Australia



Simple, Safe and effortless.

We are confident that the program will make an absolutely remarkable, positive change to your life and is pefectly safe.  After over 25 years of teaching, thousands of lives have been changed with no known negative results.    

Tai Dow® has been endorsed by doctors, naturopaths and natural health practitioners.

Tai Dow® is compatible with all healing methods and medications.


Our promise to you is that regular Tai Dow® practise will change your life for the better, as it has already done for thousands of others.

You will be much more motivated and will achieve greater success and happiness.


Thousands of Lives Have Been Changed by Tai Dow®; It Can Change Yours, Too. This might all sound too good to be true so you are invited to experience the power of Tai Dow®  for yourself FREE.


It’s so powerful ... you have to attend this unique course to discover for yourself how incredible Tai Dow® is. Help your family and friends too by bringing them along, to experience one of the most amazing discoveries in history.  



  • Anyone can learn Tai Dow® easily, and an immobile person can practice it effortlessly. 
  • It doesn’t matter what problems you have, or how long you’ve had them, because Tai Dow® heals the whole person.
  •  Whenever you feel less than 100%, a few minutes of Tai Dow® will make you feel on top of the world.
  •  You can do it while lying down, sitting behind a desk, in a train, bus or airplane or when walking in a park or from the car park to work.
  •  It’s safe and compatible with all healing methods and medications.



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 *1998 the Nobel Prize in Medicine was “Nitric oxide as a signalling  molecule in the cardiovascular system" and in 1931 “The oxygen-transferring ferment of respiration”.  

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